The Beginning of an End, and the End of What had Begun

The time has come to become a part of the earth and not be apart from the earth.

We as a species have lost our way and have become separated from each other and the world. We have created great distance between each other, and we feel the separation from one place to another. We cannot connect in the ways we may want to, and in truth, the way things are now, the greatest distance that a human must travel is from the heart to the mind.

We have lost our way; A road less traveled, the path from the heart to the mind.

My Journey

In an effort to make sense of the world, I sought solitude to balance out the bombardment of energy from all different directions that was overwhelming my ability to filter through it. It is within the solitude of mind, peace, quiet, and stillness, that I can see better.

We all have a soul purpose; and it is only from a place of centeredness and groundedness that we can find the deeper connection with ourselves that is in alignment with that. It is the creation of the oneness in the nothingness; to create and see the potentials and possibilities within the confines of this third dimensional reality in which we live and find ourselves.

This last year we have been consumed with fear, worry, panic, anxiety, guilt, despair, separation, isolation, judgment, and condemnation of others who carry different beliefs and opinions than us. We have shut down and cloaked ourselves in darkness, perhaps so much, that the only light we can see is a small flicker in the far-off distance.

It is time when we can shine our own light inside and help illuminate the path for others. The doorway is open to where we can live in cooperation, and community, to co-create from a collective consciousness we call Us.

There is a Season….

Everything happens for a reason, in the time that it does, and if we move through this moment in time with a maturity of compassion, grace and gratitude, the evolution and transformation will be clear and supported by greater energies, greater goods, higher powers, and higher self.

From a new perspective and a new perception, when you allow the light to shine from within and around, from a place of grace, acceptance, gratitude, love, and compassion; from a level of maturity that does not speak in human lifespan but from a universal evolution; we can find the courage, the strength, and the resilience to stand within our power to create the change we want to see, to be the change we want to see.

The time is now, to detach and go within, to discover your gifts, tapping into the inner wisdom of the ancestors, indigenous, guides, guardians, angels, source, god, matrix, quantum, or field, into a place where there are no boundaries. It is within the vast darkness that we can dissolve the old beliefs that held us to the form, and function of the reality we know and to allow space for form to disassemble, to dissolve back into the primordial ooze and soup of potentiality using the imagination, to create and emerge as a complete other being with new form and new function.

A Gift from Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia gifted us with the small dense caterpillar, with all its ‘legs’ using so many ‘feet’ to travel over such a small distance. The caterpillar consumes its entire environment before it goes within to transform into the delicate, light-winged creature we call the Butterfly. Also recognizing that the butterfly MUST undergo the struggle of emergence from the chrysalis, in order, for it to survive and fly. (If you help it out, the butterfly will fall to the ground and die.) Yes, sad but true.

We have spent millennium marveling at this natural process – perhaps not ever recognizing this as the subtle instructions that Gaia left for us as we now emerge into a new life form. One that we did not think possible.

If you told a caterpillar that it would one day become a butterfly. It would not understand or believe that to be true. And there are many caterpillars that never undergo that transformation to become a butterfly. Some get eaten by birds or have other untimely deaths. That is the consciousness they can understand at that time, and that is OK.

The opportunity for humanity is now. We do not need to understand why something exists in order to give it value. It is the detriment of the ego that has brought us to the conclusion that if we do not understand its purpose, it must not have any.

A Tough Year

This year has been a test for humanity, for our ability to dig deep within, an opportunity to question the lives we live, the world around us, to pay attention to the spectrum of the driving forces of humanity. A time to question what is in alignment with our passions and purpose.

To question those who are making decisions for us, to listen and see with new ears and eyes from a grounded place of discernment and curiosity. How do we feel when we listen to the words of others as they instill fear and anxiety?

We have given up our powers, as we have witnessed our livelihoods, businesses, friends, and loved ones leave our lives, destroyed, isolated, lost. We look upon and give our powers away to others that we deem to have authority over us.

From a place of inner guidance, awareness, and grounded discernment; does this feel true?

“The most common way we give up our power is by thinking we do not have any.” ~Alice Walker (American Novelist)

It is in this time of great uncertainty, where we feel vulnerable, and fragile that we can seek refuge inside ourselves and acknowledge the power we have, to be resilient, to heal, and be the strong and creative human we truly know ourselves to be.

We have the opportunity, to take a step back, to go within, and embrace our ability for critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the act of being presented with information, sitting with it, asking: Does this feel right? Does this feel true?

We then take that information, and that feeling, and look elsewhere, cross–reference the information. When we do this from a place of investigative neutrality, in the absence of a narrative bias, we can read the information and listen to the information as if we have never heard it before and have yet to form an opinion. All the while, checking in with yourself… asking Does this feel right? Does this feel true? Keeping in mind that our intuition is a powerful source of guidance.

With a little practice this becomes easier. And if one is not inclined to do this kind of information searching, there is always someone in our lives that we know of, that can be a trusted resource. Whether they are someone close to us, or someone we found as we searched around through books, articles, or streams of technology. As they say, “The truth is out there”.

“We already know everything; we just have to remember.” ~Buddha

The Big Picture (Stay with me)

It is now, in this most auspicious time, that we are privileged to be a part of a great shift in humanity, as a culture, and as a civilization. It is a time when we are moving and shifting into an alignment with the natural convergences of the energies of the universe, the planets, the earth, each other and within us. An evolution of consciousness. How remarkable!

It is now, as we have moved from night to day, winter to summer, equinox to equinox, for 26,000 years we find ourselves in the ending and beginning if this great cycle. We have entered into the next 2,100-year cycle through the Zodiac into the Age of Aquarius. It is here we transition through the ‘dark ages’ into an age of spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

December 21, 2012, (the end of the Mayan calendar), heralds the arrival of the Golden Age, signifying the completion of one 225-million-year full spin of our entire galaxy, and marks the end of all cycles of time.

It is a time now for humanity to create a new history, a new human story.

We are in a place and opportunity of great transformation. With all the confluences and convergences of energy from the universe, planetary influences, solar cycles, and changes in the earth’s electromagnetic fields; we are experiencing the effect it has on the nature of earth and all life upon it and within it. From the ecological and climatic effects, to the socio–political–economic changes, to the individual awakening of inner conflicts and societal challenges. We find ourselves at a turning point!

Can we embrace this change, and if so how?

The Turning Point

We are gifted to be at the precipice of change. We are all part of the shift and the solution. We are a collection of individuals within a whole, part of a living system we call humanity; much like the trillion of cells that collectively make up our physical bodies. They work as a collective, in a community, in cooperation to achieve harmony and wellness within that system.

Are we not the microcosm in the macrocosm? Have we forgotten that the origin of the building blocks of our being originated from the stardust from the great explosion of creation, and like the cells in our body, we are intimately connected to each other on an energetic level through the ties and ethers of the subtle energies by mechanisms of our quantum entanglement?

Perhaps so.

A Shift from Duality to Unity

Is it possible to shift from a place of duality into unity? Duality opposes the Divine Law of Polarity, which states that what appear to be opposites are simply two extremes of the same thing. There is no duality of good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, everything is simply an experience.

“There is just news. There is no good or bad.” ~Master Oogway- KungFu Panda

Within our bodies resides the heart and the brain. As the brain is a design of two separate hemispheres the right and the left, there is a bridge called the Corpus Callosum. Or as I like to call it, the Corporeal Colossus.

This is a great band of nerve fibers that connect the two hemispheres to ensure communication across the great divide. It is an attempt to facilitate the communication of logic, mathematics and sequential relationships that conceptualizes everything in a linear time frame from the left side; with creative processes such as music, rhythm, imagination, intuition, humor, dreams in a non-linear more abstract understanding from the right.

What an amazing structure this bridge is! It is our own internal bridge that connects science and spirituality, we walk back and forth over it every day, all day. Our brain is designed for Duality, with the opportunity for Unity!

Getting into Coherence

Our heart pumps our blood, yes, but it is also the seat of consciousness, the guiding source of intuition, a direct link to our divine nature. It is pure unity.

Ancient and indigenous cultures know this and tap into this great intuitive intelligence. Our heart and brain communicate all the time, the communication can be erratic and distorted, or smooth and clear. As we have the internal dialog between the unity of the heart and the duality of the brain; in order, for the brain to listen, the two halves of the whole, or the two hemispheres need to listen together.

This ability is tied to our emotions. Science has shown that elevated, higher vibrational, higher frequency emotions, like care, appreciation, gratitude, and love facilitate the smooth flow of information between the heart and the brain. While the opposite facilitates the discourse.

We call this smooth communication, being in Coherence. The consequence of this coherent state of communication is the global physiological alignment and synchronicity of our heart, brain, immune, hormonal, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system.

The effect of this is a greater ability to tap into our innate healing mechanisms, an increase in overall well-being, mental clarity, discernment, resilience, performance and connection to ourselves each other, the earth and the cosmos.

A New Year

As we enter this new year, the age of Aquarius, the age of the transformation of humanity, toward a paradigm shift in thinking and consciousness; let us embrace, trust and recognize our inner sovereign being and strong innate power to heal.

Let us embrace ourselves and each other with love, compassion, and gratitude, from a place of unification toward a higher good, a higher purpose, in true alignment with who we really are, to ourselves, each other, and the planet we are so fortunate to live with.

It is with grace, hope and gratitude that we plant the seeds of light and allow the love to grow.

“The secret of change, is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~Socrates

Blessings as we enter a New Year, a New Era, a New You, a New Us.