You are the person you have been waiting for!

You are the person that the world is waiting for!

Do we have enough consciousness, intelligence, rationality, creativity, empathy and love to let life on earth survive?

We are all sentient beings, and as such have the ability to perceive and feel. As sentient beings, we are naturally the stewards of our environment. We have an innate responsibility to protect, and nourish our home to create, and sustain the growth and proliferation of the world we are a part of.

Life in this world can live without us, but we cannot live without all other life.

The honest reality is that the world would be a much happier and healthier place without us. It is surviving in spite of us. In truth, we are the number one destructive force. Our actions, behaviors and beliefs are the cause for the sixth mass extinction of the planet.

A ‘mass extinction’ or ‘extinction event’ can be defined as a rapid and widespread loss in biodiversity. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) predicts that 99.9% of critically endangered species and 67% of endangered species may be lost within the next 100 years.

As human population increases, we are creating the loss of millions of species and with that the biodiversity that we need.

All because we have lost our way and strayed too far from home.

Can we choose to embrace our home, the earth, our roots, our inner being, our sovereignty and our connection to all that IS?

The Environment We Live In

We as a human species could not survive without all the intimate and entangled ecosystems on which this planet encompasses. From one-celled microorganisms to the bees and 75% of the vegetative, plant world that they pollinate; the birds, the billions of bio-luminescent organisms inhabiting the darkest depths of our oceans, the plankton, fish, dolphins, whales, and all the species in between.

Our mere existence is profoundly dependent upon these life forms. As a biological energetic system, we are entangled with all life around us.

We may not have an understanding of the individual existence of each of these life forms, but ancient and indigenous cultures have a deep inherent knowing of the essential connection we have. They carry the knowledge and the ability to resonate with, honor and see the profound beauty in our world and how to live in a cooperative and sustainable symbiotic relationship with all life.

According to The National Science Foundation’s “Tree of Life” project, there could be anywhere from 5 million to 100 million species on the planet, and science has only identified about 2 million. It is said that we’ve discovered only 10% of all living things on this planet; we’ve only touched the surface of our understanding of animal life.

The 2019 Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services suggests that human activity has directly resulted in 1 million plant and animal species facing extinction. If we continue at this rate, mass extinction will be upon us in an estimated 240-540 years.

Let’s give some perspective. . .

It has been about 300 years since we came from the Scientific Revolution, into the Industrial Revolution and now within the Age of Technology and Information. In the grand scheme of the birth of Mother Earth 4.5 billion years ago, our destructive, consumptive, self-serving human existence is but a millisecond in time, and we can potentially manage to destroy 4.5 billion years of hard work. And truth be told, when that is over, Mother Earth will recover, as she always does, and as for humans… some of us will be seeking life on another planet, and one that will never be as beautiful and special as this one.

And in the multiverse we live in, from inter-dimensional realms of existence, we will travel back to this planet as a future version of ourselves to warn ourselves about what we are going to do right now.

In these last 2 years, we have entered a global state of unrest, discourse, deceit, injustice, and criminal and heinous acts against humanity led by those that hold high authoritative positions. We have even turned upon one another… ‘manos a manos’. We have become divided, suspicious, and distrustful of ourselves and each other by listening to those who claim to have our best interests in mind. Certainly not our best interest in heart.

In 2020. . .I wrote about a year of Clarity and Balance:

A Message of Mindfulness

In the start of this new decade 2020, there is an essence of newness, of change, not felt before. A shift in the way we view things. What we are sensitive to, in tune with and in alignment with.

Going forward to be in a state of creation, without judgment and fear; to love and accept who we are in this place, at this time; to be with one another, to co- exist, to co- create, to co-operate.

To acknowledge within us the moments when we may feel less than, frightened, annoyed, impatient; to remember to pause and allow the feeling to exist as a part of us and as a learning and an opportunity for growth…..

Then in 2021. . . I wrote about a year of Growth and Discernment:

The Beginning of an End, and the End of What had Begun

The time has come to become a part of the earth and not be apart from the earth.

We as a species have lost our way and have become separated from each other and the world. We have created great distance between each other, and we feel the separation from one place to another. We cannot connect in the ways we may want to, and in truth, the way things are now, the greatest distance that a human must travel is from the heart to the mind.

We have lost our way, a road less traveled, the path from the heart to the mind. . .

Now, as this New Year 2022 presents itself. . .

A year of Emergence and Actualization

It comes with a new energy, and new awareness, from a new level of consciousness. A time that is filled with the entangled energy of great suffering from all over the planet. Humans, animals, oceans, forests and all other life forms that live upon and within our great Mother Earth.

According to the study of numerology, numbers have meaning. As we enter the New Year of 2022, in numerology we do not count the 0, so the energetic number is 222. A powerful symbology.

What does the number 222 represent for our lives right now?

The spiritual meaning of the 222 represents new energy that enters our life. As things changed, we have renewed hope and inspiration to continue moving forward in a positive direction. It signifies tolerance, endurance, balance and high performance in life.

This is the number of divine manifestation and as the saying goes “love conquers all.”

222 represents a beacon of Spiritual Light in a world that is often filled with uncertainty.

It is the number of Change, a time to start a new cycle in your life, where you allow yourself to expand and grow; in the knowing that you have the power to transform your reality. It brings possibilities for harmony, healing, family and companionship into our lives, that is achieved by love, peace, clarity, spiritual maturity, and surrender.

It is a quickening frequency that lends itself to a kind of miracle that happens in a short time.

It supports getting rid of the negative energy that you have been collecting and focus on what is more important in life and what drives you to success, for oneself and those around you. The healing vibrations of this number give both the ability to perceive information about yourself and others and to rise above the old ways of thinking, and out of old patterns that no longer serve us.

It supports faith, encouragement, trust and hope to pursue the goals you set up for yourself and honor yourself; to dismantle all of the chaos that is currently ruling your life.

Life will change, and we will be an integral part of it.

As we allow ourselves the courage to face the uncertainty; the vulnerability to trust the deeper parts of ourselves that we have strayed from; as we embrace the love from which we are, and recognize our hearts as the gateway to the way home; we will emerge like the caterpillar from the cocoon, embracing the struggles to be free, only to find that we can fly into a new world as a new being as we begin a life of self- actualization, and fulfillment of a life that we have dreamed into being.

Welcome to the New Year!