The Alchemy of Life

The time has come as we enter a new year, to enter into a new state of being, to allow the movement of the chaos as you witness the orchestration, and re-organization of a new experience, existence and understanding.

It is within the darkness, the stillness, the silence that we see, feel and hear our potentials.

A place to connect to the source of all things that give us the energy to move, grow, transform and transmute. There is a subtly of this as we feel our bodies, our cells, our molecules as they speak to one another, as we listen to the deeper wisdom carried within.

What are they saying?

As we go into a new year there is a rebirth, a change, an intention, a rite of passage. Letting go of that which does not serve, and embracing all that does, with strength, clarity and the acceptance of beauty. It is only when we recognize the feelings, and the meaning behind it that we can transmute, shift, change and transcend beyond what we thought, even that which we believed was not even possible.

Sometimes with the allowance and surrender into the process, the fog will dissipate as we gain more clarity of the path that we will follow. Allow yourself to sink into that awareness and be guided by a force that many be unknown or seemingly elusive.

Trust in yourself, in your inner guidance.

Be kind, be brave, be wise, seek to understand. For it is in understanding that acceptance and forgiveness live.

Allow yourself to let go of the tightness, the wringing, twisting, sinking feelings that you may feel in your chest, your gut, and your heart, when presented with a situation, conversation, or confrontation that is uncomfortable. Take a moment to honor and recognize these feelings and as you breathe, breathe the breath of fire, allow them to burn, dissipate, and transform into a new energy, of lightness and freedom as they dance within the flames of change. Be still amongst the embers as they bring warmth and peace to your chest, gut and heart.

Allow yourself to receive a gift, a blessing, a token, a word, a sound, a song. Place this gift within a special place inside your heart as a remembrance of your strength, your beauty, your light.

You are strength, You are beauty, You are light.

Go softly into the darkness, into the stillness, see, feel, hear, sense all that which no longer serves. Bring in the gentle pure flames of change and allow it to embrace those old energies as they disintegrate, dissipate, transmute and transcend into the light that is carried within it.

It will all be OK.

Much Blessings for this New Year.