A message of mindfulness

In the start of this new decade 2020, there is an essence of newness, of change, not felt before. A shift in the way we view things. What we are sensitive to, in tune with and in alignment with.

Going forward to be in a state of creation, without judgment and fear; to love and accept who we are in this place, at this time; to be with one another, to co-exist – to co-create. To co-operate.

To acknowledge within us the moments when we may feel less than, frightened, annoyed, impatient; to remember to pause and allow the feeling to exist as a part of us and as a learning and an opportunity for growth.

To take a moment to go inside and honor and acknowledge the humanity we are. In this place in this time, and give thanks, for the ability to feel and recognize the vast difference between us and the oneness the binds us. The safety and cushion to rest upon in those moments of doubts, nowhere to go, no hurry to get there, honor and allow the journey we are on, without self–judgments.

It is OK.

Feel the joy and the love that emanates from within, from above and below. As above -so below; as without- so within. We are entangled and we are one. The path is clear to step into that which we envision for ourselves. There is help along the way. It is gentle and benevolent, holding our hand, gently guiding.

Trust and surrender. Look into your heart, for it knows you and it know others.

It is ok to let go of what does not serve us, that which we believe to be important, in our relationships, our actions, the feelings that we hold on so tightly to. The beliefs that keep us in judgment, of right or wrong, here or there, now or later, this or that, are now looked upon as the choices we can make, through the heart of discernment. Let go and listen with a sense of newness, see with slightly different eyes, hear with slightly different ears.

Those around you, know that you are loved, by spirit, by your higher self, by the divine intelligence that lives and resides with in you. In all of us. For it knows you better than you know yourself, it loves you more than you may love yourself, it’s will to be is sometimes stronger than your own and it wants you to remember the magnificent being that you already are.

The one that already co-creates, co-exists, co-operates with all that is around; the earth, Gaia, mother nature, the sun , the stars, the planets, the galaxies. As we walk along this path we touch upon the energies of the earth, her softness, her grounding energy, the support and comfort that we call Gaia; the life she gives us to grow and flourish, so that we can become a part of something bigger than ourselves without losing sense of who we are; as we walk our path to show, to teach, to grow with others, as we share in this magical place we call home.

With Grace and Gratitude; In love and Light

And so it IS. Because it IS.