I Choose Love over Fear

I Choose to stand in my light and the shadow that is cast is mine, and I will not project it onto another.

I Choose to be aware of and acknowledge my shadow as it follows me and changes through time.

I understand that my Shadow contains the darker reflections of my light and in the darkness are hidden gifts for me to shine brighter.

I understand that without my shadow, I would be unseen, as the eternal brightness would have no boundaries.

I understand that is it within the darkness that my light can shine so bright.

I understand without judgment, that my light and my shadow are two aspects of the one.

I Choose to embrace my shadow as well as my light for it is within the integration of both that I am whole.

I understand that it is the darkness that supports the creation of light, as my consciousness is birthed within the boundless void.

I understand that it is the light that transforms darkness into a different version of itself; for we exist all at once, as energies in space, in an elegant dance within time

We are One and We are Love