Heart Intelligence

Coherence and Harmony

Are you looking to have a deeper connection with yourself and others?

Are you looking to improve your overall state of health and well-being?

Are you seeking more energy, increased clarity, higher productivity, increased reaction times and performance levels?

Do you want to feel better than you do right now?

Are you ready for a change?


Within all of us resides a place where we can go to for personal solutions, inspiration, emotional balance, and answers to the difficult questions that hide within our subconscious mind.

This place is called your Heart. Since ancient times, throughout many cultures the heart has been recognized as the seat of emotion, thought, will and intention. It has been considered a place for transcendence and connection with the divine.

This “place” called the divine has many names to many people and in scientific communities it is called the matrix, zero point or the quantum field.

Regardless of its label, when we are in connection there is an experience of oneness with all that IS and our mind, body and spirit are in harmony and alignment. We have all experienced this at one time or another. Some have called it “Being in the Zone”.

Humans are built for this. There is a conversation that is happening between your heart and brain at all times. The question is. . .  Is it a clear and coherent communication, or is it chaotic and disharmonious?

This disconnect happens when we feel one way and think another. When we have a “feeling” to go one direction and we “convince” ourselves to go in another. This is the basis of dis-harmony and dis-ease within us.


These two major organs in the body have the most intimate conversations. Multiple scientific studies have shown that the heart communicates with the brain more than the brain communicates with the heart.

Over the last 30 years, science has proven what the ancients have known all along. The brain is not the only one in charge, and the heart is not just a pump. The heart has within it what is called the little brain in the heart, or the “heart- brain”. It contains groups of neurons and has cells that secrete hormones and neurotransmitters and it has the ability to sense, learn, remember and function with the sophistication like the brain in our head.

When the conversation between the heart and the brain is synchronous and in alignment the rest of the bodily functions join the conversation and a harmonious dialog takes place between the immune, endocrine (hormone) and autonomic nervous system. We call this being in Coherence.


Electromagnetic fields are made when a charged particle is in motion. We are essentially made of molecules and atoms and as the negatively charged electrons are moving around a positively charged proton an electromagnetic field is created.

We are essentially electromagnetic beings that create an electromagnetic field, or a bio-field, around us that has a frequency and carries information that can be felt, and has an effect on each other, our pets and the world around us.


If you are ready for a cerebral by-pass, want to learn more and tap into your innate intuitive intelligence and experience coherence and a shift towards optimal performance and wellness then click the link below and let’s get started.

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Dr. Barrie Sands is a veterinarian, healer, scientist, author, artist, and an international educator and speaker.

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