Why are we all so sick?

“When we are well we wish for a thousand things, when we are sick we wish for one.” Confucius

Aren’t we sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED?

It is said “There is no rest for the weary”. Well, perhaps if we took a moment to rest, we would not be so weary!

How did we get here?

Deep within the snowball, surrounded and buried under the false doctrines and dogma that led us here, lives the truth. It is beneath the processes fueled by money, greed, war, and political opportunities for greater control, that dismissed and covered the sovereign relationship we have with the environment, and ourselves. We are buried so deep that we actually have lost our true sense of self as we have been looking, searching, and relying upon all the stories and information of those who we have placed our trust in.

We have reached a point that we have become SO beat down, SO sick, SO medicated, SO confused, that we don’t even know who to trust anymore; hence, by default we listen to the ones with the loudest, most forceful, scariest voice and story… that says…

“You MUST do what I say, because it is for your own good and I know best.”

Wellness, and embracing personal sovereignty has so many levels to it, and each of those levels have so many levels.

Because we have fallen so far and so deep within the stories of all those around us, we find ourselves at the ultimate crossroad. However, the crossroads are not simple paths anymore, it is not this way or that way. Our paths are laid out like a mesh, a web, a labyrinth to navigate through with a trust in a deeper part of ourselves, at the core and foundation.

We are being forced to make a choice with a deeper level of awareness, between all the information, and reliance upon all that is external, and that benevolent voice and feeling that resides inside of us from a place of an obscured intangible nature.

That divine place within us that we have been taught not to trust. The place that feels so foreign and speaks a language that we do not understand.

We have become afraid and distrustful of the ultimate place of unknown….. ourselves.

It has become a place of inner demons, self-defeating conversations, and undertones of subconscious belief programming made by all those external influences when we were children, that play over and over in our minds, bodies, cells and spirit… Just like a broken record.

Are these recordings uplifting? Do they empower us? Do we hear words of affirmation and encouragement?

Or are they beating us down, deflating us, keeping us feeling unworthy, unloved, not good enough, afraid to speak up, to take a stance, and have the courage to explore the possibilities and question those that held our trust for so long?

The judgments of self go so deep. We are steeped in the need to have duality and polarity; the ‘this or that, right or wrong, good or bad.’ The greater our need for change and salvation the more we find we MUST make a choice.

The conundrum is, that in truth, we are always making choices. In fact, it is estimated that we make 35,000 conscious choices every day, and much, much, more subconscious choices.

The problem is not about MAKING the choice, but about HOW we make the choice.

The ability to make a choice is one of our greatest gifts and attributes. It allows us the ability to flow and navigate through our existence with ease and grace, or with resistance and turbulence. We all know what each of these scenarios feel like.

We just like to pretend that we don’t have a choice. It makes it easier if we don’t have to take responsibility for our choices, actions and behavior, and cultivate our ability to respond.

Responsibility is having the ability to respond.

It is always easier to blame others; those that told us so, and those that made us so. This leaves the consequence of our actions, out of our hands.

Taking responsibility for our own thoughts, actions, behaviors mean we need to venture inside to that unknown, unfamiliar place inside of us. We need to learn how to sift through all the mess, like cleaning out your closet to uncover what lurks beneath it all.

The truth is, that once you enter that messy place and look at and go through all the stuff, you will uncover a place that you actually recognize and for the first time in a long time you will be able to take a deep breath and enter the loving open arms of you.

How can we move into a place of unity when we are stuck in the need for duality?

The answer is connecting to our hearts!

Connect with our awareness, our attention, our breath; and instilling high vibrational frequency emotions like love, appreciation, care, gratitude and kindness.

And once we feel that in our heart and in our body, and as those delicious, yummy physiological signals are being sent to the brain; it is now the time for the mind to imagine and create a thought that is in alignment with that feeling. Take the moment to think of some wondrous event or spectacular visualization, as we imagine our future selves doing, or being something great.

Emotions are the language of the body, and thoughts are the language of the brain; and as our thoughts and emotions interplay in harmony and synchronicity …we get into a state of Coherence.

Or, as I sometimes call it…

Real-time Intentional Daydreaming!

We have all done this as children, as we drifted off somewhere; and found ourselves playing down by the lake as we sat in math class, unaware that the teacher was calling our name three or four times before we became of aware of it.

The more we practice, the easier it gets. The more we connect and harmonize our hearts and brain, and create; the quicker we are able to step into the future that we dreamed of.

Why is this important?

Because, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and its time for a change!

“You are only one decision away, from changing your life.” ~Anonymous