Life is an exchange of energy, of molecules, of biochemicals in a continuous dance of enzymatic-driven reactions. In the form of light, frequency, vibrations. There are over quadrillion, quadrillion, quadrillion players in this game. Each serves a specific purpose and role for the success of the entire system.  Everything is in relation to everything else, from the subatomic particles fluctuating in and out of existence within the infinite quantum field, to the vast oceans, where the tiniest protozoa living upon the coral reefs sustain their existence,  to the great Blue Whales swimming amongst the earths energetic ley lines balancing the planetary energy,  and  Gaia, the sustainable earth, whose soil is the medium for life, the womb that which holds space, and provides nutrients for all growth and creation, to the massive redwood trees upon her, and all of the inhabitants of the forests, vegetative, animal, mineral, and fungi, to the mountains, the deserts, the sky, the atmosphere, the Cosmos and the Universe.

It is all connected, we are all connected.

As the sunlight shines upon the plants, they use this energy to synthesize the chemicals, that are necessary for growth and self-nutrition, and to feed the soil and the microorganisms necessary to sustain that life. There is a dynamic exchange of gases as molecules of carbon dioxide from human, animal and fungal breath is exhaled and taken up by the plants and the soil for it to use and metabolize, and its exhalation of the oxygen that the humans, animals and fungi use and metabolize. This is the cycle of the breath. The breath of life. This is life. It all starts with the exchange, uptake and utilization of carbon and oxygen.

Just like the lungs in our body is this place of dynamic gas exchange, the soil is the ‘lungs’ of the planet.

And much like us, when the lungs are damaged, by the noxious gases, and industrial pollutants it manifests as a condition called Emphysema. This creates a terrain of dryness, inelasticity, and an inability to exchange those gases.

On Earth, this is called Desertization. The process where nutrient-dense, microbial-abundant, moisture-rich, life-supporting Soil becomes Dirt.  The lifeless, dusted, hard, cracked, dry surface with no mechanism of gas exchange and where water runs off due to lack of ability to absorb it.

In emphysema, there is damage to airways which include respiratory bronchiole, alveolar sacs, alveolar ducts, and alveoli. This is where the gas exchange takes place. There is abnormal expansion and flattening of the airspaces and destruction of their walls. This results in a decrease in the alveolar and capillary surface area, which decreases the gas exchange and also a decrease in perfusion, or blood flow.

An inability to breathe!

One can think of the gas that the lungs need as oxygen and the blood that carries it, equitable to the carbon that the soil needs and the water that helps mobilize the process.

Mother Earth has Emphysema.

This is the result of human intervention of soil destruction precipitated by unnatural, industrialized farming practices that utilize tilling of the soil, overproduction, monoculture mentality, heavy use of poisons and toxins like pesticides, herbicide, insecticides and separation of the animals that forage, graze, compress and fertilize the soil with their microbial rich feces and quickly utilizable carbon-based exhale. In our attempt to create profit surplus-based farming, we have ultimately desiccated the land, poisoned the products, and isolated the animals into unnatural crowded environments filled with concrete homes being fed grain produced from these toxic lands.

The result is sick- and stressed-out animals, sick- and stressed-out land, and sick- and stressed-out humans!

Do not dismay.  There is a solution.

Nature is filled with complexity but is inherently simple. There is a divine intelligence that guides all the quadrillion, quadrillion working parts to create a sustainable, thriving environment for all.  We just need to help it do what it knows what to do, and what it does best.

How can we help the earth regenerate? It’s the same mechanism for us all to regenerate.

First step is to get out of the way.

Take a step back, look around, and see what has happened. Allow a process to unfold in the innate way nature knows how. Remember how nature flourished in the mandatory stay-at-home order for ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ moment? We witnessed the growth of vegetation, and the influx of birds, and even dolphins during that time when humans were removed from the picture. As difficult as it may be to hear, without us, nature would thrive.

Second step is to educate yourself on the process.

Gain a deeper understanding of the workings of nature and the part we play, the parts the animals play, the importance of the microbial world, the bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. The intimate relationship that we have with our own microbiome within us, our gut, our skin, everywhere.  Truth be told, in a cell-to-cell relationship, the human body is 99% microbial and 1 % human. We owe our existence and success to the microbial world, both in our bodies and on the planet.

Third step is to understand that we are all stewards of Mother Earth.

As stewards we have a responsibility to contribute through the acts of cooperation and connection; to co-exist and co-create a thriving, blue-green planet that is home to so much beautiful life we are a part of, not apart from. It is in our understanding of the physiology of all life, and how things work, that enables us to give what it needs to do what it does best and how it does it.

When the soil is allowed to be soil, it knows what to do. When our lungs are allowed to be lungs, they know what to do.

They both need to breathe!

We have come to a place where we need to detoxify, to replenish what has been lost or taken away, to rejuvenate, to give energy to, to make an organism or system more effective by introducing new methods or ideas.

Step four is to understand that this is not a top-down solution.

As it is the top-down policies and politics that got us all here in the first place. It is a bottom-up solution.  It is the decision of one individual to make a commitment to change, in their bodies and the planet. For their bodies, for the planet.

We all need to breathe. We need to inhale and exhale deeply and create the terrain for the successful exchange of these precious gases, oxygen and carbon as they dance this dance to help us thrive in this magnificent place, we call Mother Earth, our home.

If given the opportunity the earth will regenerate, and all upon her will benefit.