Your Amazing Immune System

Inside all of us, there exists a built-in system that is designed and committed to protect and to be of service. It is called the Immune system.

The Immune system is an intelligent, elegant and highly complex collaboration between a multitude of different cells, biochemical reactions, biological and energetic systems within our bodies. There is a communication and a “dance” between these systems that is happening all the time below our conscious awareness.

The Immune system is part of our biological protective mechanism. It plays many roles and it exists to help fight “foreign” invaders to keep our bodies in a state of balance and health. The cells involved with the immune system are the same ones involved in the inflammatory response.

There are many working “parts” of the immune system and it is divided into basically two systems – the Innate and the Acquired.

The Innate system is our built-in system that “knows” exactly what to do in the face of invaders. An invader can be a pathogen like bacteria, virus or fungi, or foreign material like dirt, or a splinter. It is a type of seek and destroy mechanism, that works more like a task force on a mission.

The Acquired system requires more detailed communication between the various cells and discernment around the recruitment of each one depending upon their special training. You can equate it to a military setting, where there are stealthy scouts looking for danger, threats or trouble, and they report the information to the leader, who then decides which “branch” is going to be most effective; all the while secret agents, reporters and scientists are in the background deciphering and documenting information, and storing it in a ‘library” for future reference.

This is our antigen-antibody system where within the library are the records of past invaders, so if and when that same invader should show up again, the “call to arms” is much quicker. The complexity and coherent relationship is nothing short of divine brilliance.

Inflammation is classically defined by the five pillars according to the Latin definition – calor (heat), rubor (redness), dolor ( pain), tumor (swelling), and loss of function. In these instances when the body is faced with trauma or an assault, whether superficial, like a cut or wound, or deep- like internal reactions in the organs and tissues, our immune system and the cells involved are on task to help mitigate the situation.

The immune system and the inflammatory responses function to create a delicate balance of not too much and not too little, and sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. There are times when the immune system will tend to over- react ( like during a cytokine storm) or act confused with a loss of self -identity (like in an auto-immune response). It is interesting to think of how many times in our lives that we “over-react” or loose a sense of “who we are”.

Remember that our cells and cell systems operate out of “love” for us and will do their best to sustain an optimum environment despite the things we do to our bodies. Every day this system is fighting toxins from the outside and the inside.

So what are the things that insult or weaken our immune system and what are the things that support and keep our immune system strong?


  1. Poor dietary choices – Low-quality nutrients, by-products, chemical additives and food stabilizers lends itself to slower, more difficult digestion and a toxic buildup of undigested food. This process is called putrefaction.
  2. Constant exposure to pesticides, herbicides and carcinogens – The by-products of highly processed foods contain compounds such as heterocyclic amines, and acrylamide compounds. The preservatives in foods such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin are considered carcinogenic.
  3. Water toxicity – Due to the massive increase in human pharmaceutical usage, the byproducts and even whole compounds that are not bio-metabolized, is present in drinking tap water, and when you combine those with heavy metals – even more toxic compound are formulated.
  4. The air we breathe, materials in our homes, cabinets, woods, furniture, couches, bedding, cookware all contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, pentachlorophenols(PCP), trichloromethane, lindane, cadmium, fungal toxins, benzene, fire retardant, PFC’s(PFOA) and Teflon – (perfluorochemicals)
  5. The Energetic list of “emotional stressors” such as fear, anxiety, depression, hate, frustration, and judgment.

Keep in mind that the emotions of stress trigger the hormones of stress that act to suppress your immune system and create an inability to fight.


  1. We know that that elevated emotions of gratitude, care, appreciation and love are powerful vibrational frequencies that increase our immune systems ability to function more efficiently.
  2. Oxygenation of the tissues by taking deep breaths…often; or engaging in Breathwork, or mindful breathing techniques.
  3. Keeping your blood flowing by movement and exercise by walking, running, yoga, Qigong, tai chi, or any other activity that feels right for you.
  4. Consuming fresh, organic foods and staying hydrated.
  5. Connecting with others, yourself and the innate power within
  6. LAUGHTER!. This is arguably one of the most potent immune system supporters and benefits everyone.

Your immune system is there for you- and a little gratitude love and self- care goes a long way.

Support your immune system, subscribe to yourself!